Does your site rank on google?

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO is a key element for getting your web pages to rank on google and other search engines.

A successful website is more than just a pretty face. It’s a lead generation tool for your business.  When wbuilt to get results for your company. If you are making the investment to create or redesign your website and you want to generate traffic to your site that will lead to new customers, I can help.

When I work with you to create a new website, here’s how it works:

We start by creating a strategic plan for your site.
Some of the questions I ask are: What keywords will you want to be found for? How are you going to reach your audience? What are your existing branding elements — do you have a logo, corporate standards? Once we gather enough data about your company and we determine a strategy for your new site we get started with the site plan.

Next, we put a site plan in place.
In our site plan, we determine what pages we will be building out, what our plan is for the SEO on these pages and what copy and images are going to go where. We also determine what your brand consists of (logo, colors, fonts, etc.) and make determinations on some of the site design elements and how they will be used. 

Once our strategy is in place and our plan is in place, we begin to build your site.
The next step is taking these elements and using my design expertise, developing a rich, results-based execution of your website. This phase includes uploading any media that you have, building out your landing pages, optimizing your SEO and adding your socials and blog template to the website.

Finally, we share your site with the world!

Your website is truly the most important marketing tool that you have. I'll insure that it's working for your business, attracting the right clients for your business and growing your traffic, leads and customers.