Zappo's Core Value #2 and Why it is Brilliant!

Today I recieved a pair of Innov8 shoes. These are like the ultimate CrossFitting shoe and since I've invested a year of my life in CrossFit I thought it was time to get a pair. I was reading the side of the box and printed was "Zappo's Core Value #2: Embrace and Drive Change".

This struck me as I had a conversation with a fellow designer the other day who is petrified of the current economy and afraid of what the future holds. Business was tough for my friend this year which has my friend worried about the future.

I know a lot of people have had a hard year. People are getting laid off, business is slow for some, but I believe with a positive attitude and a WILLINGNESS TO EMBRACE AND DRIVE CHANGE things can and will only get better!

Nearly two years ago when I lost my job, it would have been easy to tune out and bury myself under the covers. I didn't do that. I went out and began to build my dream. Having the willingness to change, I've been able to nearly double my income in under 2 years.

Am I wonderfully special and perfect? No. I'm just out there selling my services (the BIGGEST change for me), learning new skills (creating web presences through the inbound marketing methodology) and doing it all with honesty, integrity and respect.

Just half a year ago, I had no clue what hubspot or inbound marketing was, yet I knew I had to find a way to not only create a great website for them, I needed to find a way to drive traffic to their sites using the whole SEO and Social Media thing without being cheesy or opaque. Fortunately I was WILLING TO CHANGE and learn and now I'm becoming a Hubspot Partner and watching my business take a direction I couldn't dream of just a year ago.

In my industry even more than others, I believe that continuing to do the same old thing will not work. If you are not willing to grow and educate yourself, you will not prosper. So be willing to learn new things, take risks, let go of fear.

Be willing to embrace and drive change!