Why using twitter is important for freelance creatives

You're nothing without an audience—a creative-type shouting (or, as the case may be, writing, drawing, singing or painting) into the void. For some, that might be enough; art for art's sake is certainly a worthy endeavor. But a song with no one to hear it isn't going to pay the bills.

Twitter is the way to build a fan-base in the 21st century—and do it while exercising your creativity. It allows freelance creatives to engage with the world like no other social medium; every tweet you send out has an audience of potentially millions. With the right key phrase or hashtag, that clever thing you thought up in the shower could lead to a dozen new followers—and a dozen new potential clients for your art.

Beyond that, you can interact with people, see what they like, see what clicks with them. Find new ways to reach people through your art. Discover what people are talking about, and engage with the world.

Here's a few quick tips for freelance creatives on getting the most out of your social media time:

  • Tweet early and tweet often! Engage with people throughout the day, whenever you need to take your eyes off your work for a few minutes. Try not go go overboard, though; people might stop following you if they think you're annoying.
  • Don't just tweet; communicate. If people reply to you, reply back to them. Not only does it keep them engaged, but the more people engage with you through replies, retweets, and favorites, the more likely your tweets are to come up in search results.
  • Follow others in your field—especially those whose work you admire. You'll be able to keep up-to-date on what the other freelance creatives are talking about, and maybe get some useful tips out of it. And who knows: these people you admire might follow you right back. Speaking of which...
  • Be generous with your follows! If a fan or potential client follows you, follow them in kind; it's another way to keep them engaged with you and your work. (If your timeline gets to clogged up with people you don't actually want to hear from, you can easily mute them.)

Exercise your creativity. The cleverer your tweet, the more likely people will be to tune in. Plus, a fun conversation with a few like-minded freelance creatives might be just the thing you need to kickstart your day.