Why Linked-In is a Great Social Network for Freelance Creatives

Marketing with Social Network Platforms like LinkedIn

Marketing your talent as a freelance creative can be as enjoyable as actually writing for various clients with interesting topics. Using professional Social Networking venues like LinkedIn have advantages for networking with the very people you want to contact and market your writing expertise and experience.

The Linked-In Advantage

Some of the things you will enjoy about LinkedIn membership:

  • This platform is very easy to use when setting up your professional profile. In fact the initial profile steps are very intuitive.
  • Make sure the headshot you select is very professional and your best look.
  • Avoid being boastful, but be sure to include some stand out FAQs about your expertise and skills.
  • Include as many authentic recommendations as you can.
  • Most professionals know that professional networkers can interact with over 313,000,000 other professionals internationally through LinkIn. Did you also know that the first thing other professionals see is your profile when they click on your name?

    Freelance creatives sync up their professional photos, professional work histories and expertise, as well as specific talents so that people who view their pages get the true nature of their personal brand.

    Your Photo

    Make your only visual representation of you be the best possible headshot ever. This is a representation of your professionalism.

    Professional Profile

    Include informational details, education, awards and achievements that directly apply to the work you do and anything that builds on your future goals.


    Work History and Talents

    This section will expand on who you are as one of the top freelance creatives, and as a person. You have unique interests that will interest professional people that seek freelance creatives out on LinkedIn.

    You will find as you work more and more with your LinkedIn contacts that great connections come from a more customized personal brand. The way to accomplish a cohesive profile as a desirable asset in the freelance creatives industry is to tie in your photo, self-descriptions, and interests to make your visitors interested and engaged with you. The better their experience on your pages, the more often people will return to your LinkedIn page to repeat the desirable interactions you provide.

    LinkedIn Connections


    The people who tend to frequent LinkedIn expect a personal acknowledgment. Personal touches, reaching out with messages and information that relates directly to their specific professional interests builds relationships that professionals appreciate and begin to rely on.