Website owners, here are 10 Ways to double your website traffic with inbound marketing!

Growing a business using inbound marketing means putting together the website is the easy part. Maintaining the the site and growing an audience demands time and effort. Without nurturing your site, it will become stagnant and no one wants a stagnant website!

Doubling website traffic will be time consuming. Search engine optimization today has become focused around providing great experiences for visitors coming to your site. Read that again, DOUBLING WEBSITE TRAFFIC IS TIME CONSUMING. This isn't easy, folks, it's a ton of work and anyone who says otherwise is either lying or has a huge team of people to do everything for them.

Don't know where to start with content? Here's an overarching tip -- you KNOW your customers and if your customers are a good indication of who your potential customer is, you know what they are looking for. Use this information as your content. Give it away, answer the questions that you get day in and out about your business on your website. You'll be surprised how many people you can reach!

Now, here are some other tips on how to double your traffic.

1) Improve your site deisgn.
Cluttered designs usually mean your site will load slowly. This will deter site visitors. Create clean site pages that are built on a modern framework. Websites that don't load quickly enough can turn away visitors. They will likely click away to continue searching for their goal by finding another website that answers their questions.

2) Content
Know what your audience is curious about. Know what they need that will make their lives easier. Utilizing this knowledge will help create dynamic, interesting website content. Pertinent articles, educational videos and compelling photos can be used to teach new information and help them discover the answers they are looking for - ie; relevant content.   

3) Guest posts
When blogs and video libraries begin to go stale, or become too old to draw new visitors - it is time for inviting guests from your industry to deliver a guest post or a new video. It can be a win win for everyone, and shared links benefit more than just the viewer seeking more information.

4) Stay Connected
In order for your website’s visitors to want to return on a regular basis, make it easy for them to connect with you. On every page or article you should invite every visitor to find you on Facebook or other social media and also to subscribe to your newsletter or RSS feed.

5) Giveaways
Motivating incentives are very helpful for encouraging repeating traffic. Offerings of web-only promotions, gift items, useful coupons, and even contests with worthwhile awards are very useful. Keep them targeted to your audience and always keep it interesting.

6) Links
Set up a focused internal link structure. This will support you in boosting your rankings in Google. Encourage your visitors to explore more of your site. Carefully comb-over every page for chances to link your pages together within the content of your website.

7) Landing Pages
Creating your landing page specific products and/or services means keeping your messaging simple and on-point. Focus all page content on the one specific action your visitors need to take once they have viewed your landing page.

8) Share your content
Don't forget your social sharing button. Your website, email or blog - and your newsletters should be used to make it easy for your current readers to pass your content forward simply and easily.

9) Page Keywords
Choosing exactly the right keywords for your search-engine optimization - be sure to think through what your clients will be using as search words for what you offer. Long tail keywords work best. Make sure that you are scattering these is a fashion that is genuine throughout your website. Google's algorithm is slowly weeding out the fakers!

10) Continuous Improvement      
And most importantly, it is vital to continue updating your website regularly. Most people do this with their blog. It is a critical;y important business practice to keep your customers, clients and readers coming back again and again for more.