Using Video for Lead Generation

Technology has a way of constantly changing the game. Just a few years ago, most companies didn't have Facebook pages or Twitter feeds or know what Pinterest was. Now, these social media channels have become integral pieces of inbound marketing campaigns and lead generation.

Online video has also entered the scene as well, thanks in large part to emerging technologies that make it easier and faster to watch videos from just about any device including smartphones and tablets. The rise of apps like Vine have also helped online videos explode. Because of these technologies, some analysts believe online video will account for the majority of Internet traffic by 2016. 

Now, video production has joined the list of inbound marketing strategies companies should use to find and build leads. Video may seem like a daunting task for companies who have not produced videos in the past, but thanks to the rise of technology, making videos is within your grasp. 

Here's how to get started.

1. You don't have to cast yourself. Your marketing videos do not require you to be on screen and probably will have more impact if you stay behind the camera anyway. Talking heads don't engage customers or help convert leads. 

To make engaging videos, share useful information with your audience. You can do this through visuals, animation and other technologies like whiteboard stop motion. The rise of online video has also meant the rise in apps to help create videos. So get creative. Check out videos on other sites as well to draw inspiration for your own content. 

2. Low budget is OK. Save your money for the highly produced video for content you will use to lure investors or wow an audience at a conference. For online lead generation, you can go low budget using your computer, tablet or smartphone to shoot and upload video. The quality has increased tremendously in recent years so that even videos taken on a smartphone or tablet look sharp and crisp. 

3. Look for content all around you. Many companies shy away from video thinking they have nothing worthy of a video or anything potential clients want to see. But people make and watch videos of everything. On YouTube, 72 hours of video get uploaded every minute.

Mine your existing content for video ideas. For example:

  • Videos of client success stories;
  • Turning PowerPoint presentations into videos;
  • Animating infographics to tell a statistic story;
  • Videos chronically daily operations;
  • Spoofs of current Internet memes, like Hubspot's "Inbound Style";
  • Or explaining work processes. 

Technology can help you succeed in business if you take advantage of it. Using video for lead generation helps your company take advantage of the most exciting use of technology on the Internet right now and brings you into line with companies on the forefront of innovation.