Using Animation in Inbound Web Design


Animation has been used for quite a while in web and inbound website design. In order to properly apply animation for inbound marketing design, inbound design, inbound website design, or other digital marketing, you need to consider three important elements of inbound marketing design for web pages.

Your Reason For Using Animation

While statistics have shown that consumers are 64% to 85% more likely to purchase a product after they watch a video, you must have a good reason for employing animation into your inbound website design plan. Animation adds an element of flair to inbound marketing design that captures the attention of a visitor to your web site and calls them to action. However, not all pages need animation. Think about your business goals and ask yourself: will this animation help convert more sales? After seeing this animation, will visitors to my website better understand my brand? If the answers to these questions are not an obvious yes, you may need to reconsider your use of animation on inbound website design.

Animation’s Impact On Page Speed

In today’s digital marketplace, having a web site that loads slowly can be a kiss of death for businesses looking to gain attention from prospective customers. According to Webdesigner Depot, three quarters of today’s Internet users said that they would not go back to a web site if it did not load within four seconds. Animations can be useful, but they also take up valuable resources that can slow down load times. You need to decide if the animations are worth sacrificing some of your web site’s loading speed.

The Distraction Potential Of Animation

While animation can be eye catching, too much can be very distracting and even annoying to those that visit your web site. It is a good idea to follow the guideline of only having one animation per page so that you do not distract people from your overall message. You should also avoid frivolous animations such as animated contact buttons or page dividers. 

When it comes to animated inbound marketing design, inbound design, inbound website design, or other types of digital marketing, moderation is key. When used properly, animation can highlight key features of a page and entice users to buy. However, if used the wrong way, animation can drive potential customers away, so ensure that you closely scrutinize the way your site uses animations.

Use animation on your website design with care
and extra points if you remember the dancing baby :)