The new Hubspot COS has arrived! One word: Awesome!

Yesterday, Hubspot's CEO Brian Halligan and CTO Dharmesh Shah announced the new Hubspot COS. This is a content OPTIMIZATION System. Let me just tell you, I am THRILLED about this. There are so many wonderful new features and the system is so slick. I can't wait to migrate all of the Big Thinkery clients on to the new Hubspot COS! You can see OUR site on the new COS (you are looking at it here!) I got excited and posted a blurb about it yesterday, but here's a more complete rundown of the new features.

Good stuff on the designer side:

Templates and Style Sheets

The new system has a "visual" and "code" editor for both the templates and the stylesheets. The visual editor lets anyone edit the framework or the styles easily. If you want to geek out or get even deeper into the framework or styles, they are both available to edit via the code editor. Great stuff!


Now, the new Hubspot COS uses both templates and stylesheets, right? Let me explain what that is. Basically templates are the framework of the new Hubspot COS and the stylesheets power the look of those frameworks. Think of it as the templates being the structure of the walls and the stylesheets being the color of the paint, the interior decor, etc.

So, say you want your site pages to have a similar look, but you want a different framework for your home, blog and interior pages. You can set up templates for these 3 pages to adjust the structure and one stylesheet to power the look of those pages. Then you can easily create and edit the content on each of them. I am just loving this new Hubspot COS.

Grouping Modules
Within the template system, you can group modules. You can group modules then make them global modules using them all over the website without having to copy/paste on each page. GREAT stuff.

Global Modules
I touched on this in grouping modules. In the new Hubspot COS, you can use GLOBAL modules. This will allow you to set up modules in your template that are automatically copied on every page.

This system makes it SUPER easy to set up a new page template to get a nicely styled page up right away!

Great stuff for the visitors of your website:

Responsive Design!
The new Hubspot COS is responsive OUT OF THE BOX! The pages are not miniaturized versions of your website, they look great on your mobile, tablet or desktop. Take a look at our'll see! Geeks will be happy to know that it uses the Twitter bootstrap framework to power this puppy.

I am super excited about this new COS, Hubspot users, give it a whirl. I bet you'll love it too!