The importance of blogging on your website.

Why is it that some people never learn?  Instead of using white hat methods to legitimately raise their page rank and increase their website traffic they try to game the system.  Getting a higher page ranking, even if you’re using black hat methods to try to trick the search engines (especially Google) into getting you a higher page rank still takes time and energy. 

Although some methods might work for a short amount of time, eventually it’ll catch up and the search engines will bury your site in the sandbox or even, under many circumstances, ban you from their engines altogether.  If a company legitimately wants to use legitimate SEO methods to raise their search engine and page rank, and drive traffic to their website, there is a method that works in each and every area and niche there is.  As long as someone is interested in your product or service, then this method is highly successful.  

What is this “secret weapon” that is absolutely white hat, brings traffic to your website and even creates strong inbound links?  It’s creating keyword rich content.  In other words, constantly and consistently creating information for your site that will feed the hunger of the many people who are searching for information in your niche.  So instead of gaming the system and running the risk of being banned, create content that draws people to your site.

Use smart marketing methods. Here are 5 methods that will turbo-charge your content driven website and bring legitimate traffic in.  They are:

1. Create original content.  Content in the form of articles, e-books and various other information products can be purchased, but if it’s being sold in the form of PLR (private label rights), this means that thousands of other people are also purchasing the same information and are adding it to their websites.  When the search engines spider your website, they’re looking for original content, not recycled junk that hundreds of other sites also have put up.  Certainly PLR is much less time consuming and also cheaper than creating original content, but your results will at most be limited and at worst will create a backlash in the search engines.  So either write the original content yourself or have it written by a copywriter who knows and understands internet marketing requirements.

2. Your articles and posts should be written by a native writer.  Often, people try to cut corners by hiring writers who will create content inexpensively.  And it shows.  You get what you pay for.  Your visitors arrive at your website because they’re searching for information.  The quality of your content either makes them want to stay and possibly make a purchase, or it will completely turn them away.  Grammatical and spelling errors, sentences that don’t make sense and even frothy or incorrect information will make your visitor leave your site, never to return.  

3. Create inbound links by posting your articles and information to other websites that link to your site.  Despite the many updates that the search engines, especially Google go through, inbound links from legitimate websites will work by raising the weight of your site.

4. Use keywords – but don’t go crazy.  Keywords within your content are important, however they have to appear to be natural.  If you try to game the system but stuffing, it won’t work.

5. Use Social Media to get the word out.  By letting your Facebook, Twitter and Linked in followers know that you’ve posted new content on your site, traffic will significantly increase and you’ll be surprised that you don’t have to game the SEO system to gain legitimate traffic.