The Importance of Blogging in Online Marketing

You have a website and \want to bring in as much traffic as possible. You could launch an expensive online ad campaign, or you could start a blog and bring in more traffic more quickly.

The importance of blogging has been well-documented in recent years. Everyone from the newest start-ups to the largest companies in the world have seen great benefits from blogging, including:

Increased Website Traffic: Consumer have been so overwhelmed by traditional marketing messages that they tend to ignore most of them; conversely, they're more responsive to blogs that inform and educate them on the topics that interest them most.

Deeper Customer Engagement: Consumers like to visit websites that let them actively participate in the content; blogs make this interaction possible, whether consumers choose to add to or comment on them or share them with their online networks.

Lower Costs: Banner ads and other traditional marketing campaigns can have a lot of up-front costs and generate relatively low response rates; blogs, on the other hand, can generate more interest in your business at lower costs, resulting in higher returns on investment.

Now that you understand the importance of blogging, here are a few tips to make blogging work for your online marketing strategy:

Know your target audience.
Whether you want to sell more merchandise or raise awareness of your company, you need to know who would be most interested in your company and your blog. Identify your target markets and develop a strategy to produce the types of content that would best resonate with them.

Take a unique approach.
Whatever your business model, another company may be doing something similar, so you need to find a way to separate your blog from theirs. Whether you choose a different range of topics or a different tone of voice, make sure your blog stands out from the competition.

Plan your content carefully.
Like other marketing strategies, blogging takes careful planning and management to be successful, so plan your blog before starting it. Set a goal, like higher sales or more traffic. Develop content that helps you meet those goals. Lastly, put procedures in place to track and measure the results of your efforts.

Maybe you appreciate the importance of blogging, but if you aren't doing it, you're missing a great opportunity to put your business on the right track. Start a blog today and jump-start your online marketing strategy.