Social Media Training - What about Twitter?

Social Media Training - Twitter - part 2 of 5

Twitter, the blue bird everyone loves but can cause confustion. Marketing consultants say its important but most people think of Twitter as a place for social interations and fun. They don't realize that twitter can be a powerful social media tool.

Lets go over some facts:

  • US Internet users spend 3x more minutes on blogs and social networks than on email
  • More than half of active Twitter users follow companies, brands or products on social networks.
  • 79% of US Twitter users are more likely to recommend brands they follow.
  • 67% of US Twitter users are more likely to buy brand they follow.

Pretty powerful stuff, right? Twitter can help you amplify your content, your website and your brand. It can help you to establish a more personal relationship with your potential customers and when its used correctly it can help generate more traffic, inbound links and leads for your business.

Here are some tips for using Twitter:

  • Don't pester people, like they say in pulp fiction "Be cool, honey bunny"
  • Leave comments on influencer's articles
  • Use your own original content
  • Help influencers with their research by posting useful content on their twitter page
  • Don't follow too many people at once -- your follower ratio will look imbalanced
  • Be breif in your personal pitch

When you set up an account! Follow me!

In conclusion, create your own content, share ideas and find inspiration! This is a great way to get in touch with active consumers in your industry! Last but not least, have some FUN with it!