Smart marketing opportunities are all around us! See how...

We're going to look at 2 marketing scenarios here. They both happened to me in the past few months and I want you to put yourself in my shoes and think about how you would react as a customer, I want you to think about how you would feel.

Scenario 1 / Company 1:
I am looking for a new module for website I am working on. I really like it but the price is pretty steep. Whenever I'm buying online I look for coupon codes (admit it, you do too!) and I can't find one. So I decide to email the company to see if there are any discounts never hurts to ask.

What happened? The company emails me back with my own personal discount code (that's actually pretty funny)! They also ask permission to add me to their email list for future module development.

Scenario 2 / Company 2:
I'm thinking of purchasing a food item online. Its not a necessity, its totally a luxury, but it has a good reputation and I kind of want it. Again I go bargain hunting for coupons and couldn't find one. I emailed the company to see if there are any discounts and here's how they responded.

Their response: No, sorry. Not now. REALLY? That's it? I was baffled.

Now how would you feel after your experience with Company 1 vs. Company 2?

With Company 1, I walked away happy with my little discount and the company got my contact info. They walked away with GOLD. Seriously. For a mere 10% off they were able to get my contact info and an opportunity to market over and over to me via email. That's smart marketing right there!

With Company 2, I walked away a little annoyed. Not totally because I didn't get a discount (maybe they don't have much in the way of margins) but they didn't even think I was important enough as a customer to keep in touch with. They didn't even offer me the opportunity to get a discount at a later date. What a lost opportunity for this company. What a shame.

This stuff is so EASY! Take advantage of these opportunities! Reach out. If you can't offer a discount, that is okay but make the customer feel important. Find a way to stay top of mind to a customer. Practice smart marketing!