Set up your fitness or wellness website to get found online. Think about SEO!

Companies that provide services to local customers, especially fitness companies, should be aware of how SEO affects their search rankings. If you own a crossfit box, bootcamp company or other fitness operation, potential members are introduced to your business through word of mouth and they are looking for your business online through a google search.

Why is SEO important? SEO (search engine optimization) makes it easier for search engines, like google, to evaluate your content and rank your business’ website. The higher you rank, the easier it is for people to find your site.

So, here are some important pieces to setting up your website SEO for being found on search engines for your local fitness business.

1. Make sure you add your business as a Google My Business verified business.
When doing a search on google, google will push the local listings with better results and closer to your location to the top. Adding your business to Google My Business and Google+ will help your business get found online.

You can start the process here:

2. When doing keyword research, make sure you look at geo-targeted keyword phrases because locals will likely search a particular city and/or state to find your local business.

For example, if I’m looking for a crossfit facility in Charlotte, North Carolina, I could use any of these terms:

crossfit charlotte
crossfit charlotte nc
crossfit charlotte north carolina
crossfit in uptown charlotte
crossfit boxes in charlotte

Remember using different combinations of these keywords and groups of keywords with a location and that will improve your conversion rate.

3. On-Page Optimization
Your website pages should be optimized for search engines. Here are some tips for effective on page optimization:

  • Make sure that you have relevant keywords in meta data
  • Remember, the title should be less than 55 characters and the description should be less than 155 characters.
  • Researched keywords should be included naturally within your body copy 
  • Do a duplicate content check with a tool like siteliner. Too much duplicate copy can harm your ranking
Scan from

Scan from


  • Make sure that your site has your company’s info included. The address and phone number are crucial and it’s helpful to have an embedded google map of your location.