SEO tips for freelance creatives

SEO has certainly evolved in recent years. In fact, no longer is search engine optimization simply relegated to strategic keyword placement. Today’s SEO encompasses a myriad of tools and techniques designed to meet Google’s White Hat criteria. The latter, of course, is the world’s largest and most popular search engine – which recently releases a slew of updates and changes to its algorithms. This includes the fact that all sites and blogs must now be optimized for mobile viewing. This enables online venues to be accessible via wireless, remote, and digital devices. It also helps brands appear in local search results, which secures higher visibility and optimal rankings for pages.

Tips for the Freelance Market

While Google continues to dominate the market as a central hub for SEO tools and techniques – telecommuting is also expanding at alarming rates. From freelance copywriters and web designers to social media gurus, there are several SEO tips for freelance creatives. This includes captivating and compelling web content, which effectively attracts and engages existing and potential clients. Gripping web templates and eye-catchy graphics also establishes uniformity and consistency in design. This makes your content easy to scan and digest, while marketing your products and services to core, niche, or mass audiences. All online marketing or advertising campaigns should also include:

  • Social media integration – which generates a lasting buzz about your brand while securing greater lead generation and recurring web traffic.
  • Mobile readiness – responsive web design is needed for mobile platforms in this new digital age.
  • Link-building – traditional PPC and embedded/visible links are still vital in connecting customers to the products and services they seek.
  • SEM – search engine marketing plans can help your freelance business secure higher visibility across Google and vast digital networks.
  • Other Essential SEO Tips

    With the freelance market growing by leaps and bounds, you simply need a sound SEO plan to help establish brand validity and awareness. This includes web development, along with strategic keyword placement and even business ads. Promotional videos can also get your message across to clients, while precise and concise content is vital in securing strong social media profiles. Whether for new or existing freelancers – the ability to extend your brands reach on the Web is simply paramount. With the new digital age upon us, SEO tips for freelance creatives is as vital as ever.