Promote your new website with a new website email announcement

You're launching a new website! Awesome. You've spent a long time designing and crafting the perfect language for your site. Hopefully you have a blog and are using landing pages and calls to action. You and your team are super excited about your new site. Its launched. It looks great! Now its time to promote your site.


You can (and should) share the good news on social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. That is all good stuff but think also about announcing your new website with an email announcement.


Email announcements are great for a few reasons:

They are cost effective. No paper to print, no stamps to buy. Typically you can pay monthly for an email blast service or every time that you send out an email. Some systems (like Hubspot) include it in the software. Look around. One of my personal favorites is Campaign Monitor ( Its easy to create a good looking email with CM and the stats package is very nice too.

Emails can be pretty personal. You can add a contact's name. You can also segment your email list so that you can write your content to target a certain segment.


Just make sure that when you do create a new website announcement email that you don't just talk about your new site. Make sure that you also add some helpful or interesting information.