Pretty Pictures Don't Matter in Inbound Marketing? Huh?

On a recent phone call, a HubSpot employee who shall remain nameless said that "pretty pictures don't matter". I completely disagree. GOOD Design is crucial to a site's success. This doesn't mean that the site needs to be flashy or full of bells and whistles. What it means is that it needs to be functional and friendly to the visitor. Here are a few reasons why good design is crucial to a website's success:

1. The look and feel of your website is a REFLECTION OF YOUR BUSINESS.
What do you want to look like? A slick hot new tech firm? An established law office? A trusted contractor? What does your business look like from a customer's prospective offline? What do you HOPE to look like online? Now, check out your website. Does your site reflect your goals for your company? Does it look hot or does it look like a cobbled mess? Did you pick "blue" because your wife likes that color or because it is part of your brand? All of this stuff matters. It matters to your current and potential customers and it should matter to you. How do you want your company to be percieved? I can tell you one thing, people who visit your site are making judgements about your company within miliseconds! Do you judge the sites that you visit? I know I do. You can control this by having a site that properly represents your business.

A site design that represents your company in a positive light is so valuable. You look respectible and visitors will judge you in a positive light. Because of this they will go further, looking into more about what your business is about.

Now you've got the visitor's attention!

2. Good design allows your visitor to FIND WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR.
Great, you've set up a nice new design, now your visitors can find what they are looking for. A GOOD design will take so many aspects into consideration: your brand, color, space, typography, content, hierarchy of information -- and many more. With the help of a professional designer the right information for your visitors will be revealed and it will be easy for them to find what they are looking for. When people can find the content that they need on their site this is magical! It leads to more customers, happier customers and more sales!

3. Good design equals SALES!
So as you see above, if you have a professional looking site, you allow your visitors to find what they are looking for and well, lets be honest, if you are selling something that people want -- your good design can help you sell which can lead to sales. Cool stuff, right?

There are many elements of a good design and I'll get into that later, but as you see, if you have a good design you can sell more product or services. Pretty pictures DO matter!

If you are looking for a new website design that will help boost sales! Contact us, lets talk!