Make your website a lean mean lead generation machine!

Inbound lead generation from a company web site is crucial for a business that wants to maximize their sales and keep revenue flowing in steadily. In HubSpot’s State of Marketing report from last year, it was shown that inbound marketing can provide a cost savings of 61% per lead. Inbound leads also have a higher conversion rate: The SkyRocket Group reported earlier this year that having inbound marketing tactics on a web site will double the average conversion rate of a web site without inbound marketing techniques, from 6 to 12%. Whether you hire a lead generation consultant or maintain your company site in-house, there are several guidelines to consider to turn your page into a lead generation machine.

Use Landing Pages Effectively

Landing pages are web sites that allow your business to take a person’s contact information through an online form. These pages are some of the most important aspects of inbound marketing lead generation. To increase the effectiveness of your landing page, Scott Gerber at Mashable offers the following tips:

  • Remove clutter: the less there is to distract a user from the conversion form on a landing page, the more likely they are to provide their information
  • Make your landing page mobile-responsive: The use of mobile devices for web browsing has increased greatly over the past few years. Think about which mobile operating systems are used often by your prospects and be sure that your landing page can be loaded on them.
  • Use voiceovers: a soothing, pleasant voice that talks about your product or company can be a huge boon to your conversion rate, especially compared to its cost.

A proper landing page will help you turn your site into a lead generation machine by capturing more user information. This gives you a better understanding of the demographics of your site as well as more leads that can be converted into customers.

Harness The Power Of Testimonials

For years, sales consultants have been touting the importance of showing prospects that others have had success with a company’s products and services. By using testimonials, you can show people that visit your site all of the positive things that previous customers have had to say about your business. These testimonials hold a great deal of weight because they come from people that have firsthand experience with what you are offering. You can get even more out of your testimonials by including pictures of your customers.

Create Poignant Videos

Videos can be effective in turning your page into a lead generation machine, but they need to be created in such a way that speaks to the needs and mindsets of your prospects. Make your videos concise and craft them in a way that quickly gets the attention of people that view them. When used effectively, videos can be a great sales tool, but if they are not crafted the right way your visitors will not pay any attention to them.

Provide Information Through White Papers And Case Studies

While it is important that you ask for a customer’s contact information and push them through the sales process, the Search Engine Journal reports that prospects respond better to web sites that are not just trying to sell them, but also want to give them information based on trends and challenges in their particular industry. A case study is like an extended testimonial that goes beyond just showing that your products or services are helpful by explaining how they were helpful. White papers prove to your prospects that you are an authority on the issues that you write about, which builds trust.

Constantly Test And Tweak Your Site

No matter what strategies you decide to use to make your site into a lead generation machine, you must test it consistently so that you can keep it functioning at the highest possible level. Run tests often and closely analyze the data that you get back so that you have a clear picture of how effective your page is at lead generation. Things that you can tweak and test include what phrases you use on your buttons, where you place your forms, colors, and image size. Make slight changes and take note of the results so that you can find out what works and what doesn’t.

The Internet can be a very powerful tool for inbound marketing lead generation, if it is used properly. Unfortunately, many businesses do not have the knowledge or time that it takes to get their web site running at its peak level. Create an attractive, concise web site by following these five steps and you will be well on your way to turning your company’s web presence into a high-powered lead generation machine.