Look away from the screen - finding inspration outside of the web.

Being a web and graphic designer by trade, I spend a ton of time looking at things online. I get a lot of inspiration from websites that I find are well designed and highly functional. I love when searching around and finding really good looking things on the web. This is great for my inbound marketing business but there are other wonderful ways to draw inspiration too.


Teach a class or guest speak
Recently I was asked to speak to the great graphic design students at EKU. It was incredibly insipring to be in an art building again – around designers, sculptors, letterpressmen, potters jewelrysmiths, etc. Just feeling the energy in the building and seeing great displays of fine art and the people who are creating it in action was crazy inspiring. Talking to the students reminded me of that fire I had to just get out there and create great work for the masses. Their energy, their work and their motivation has further motivated me to see things in another light. It was really inspirational.


Pick up a new interest
I have been playing with this really cool tool called lettermpress:http://www.lettermpress.com/LetterMpress/Home.html (you can see my first little piece of letter press above). I don't have the time or the money to get into letterpress right now but this gives me a cool experience that is similar to working with a letterpress. I know its not exact but for me, its inspiring!


Every year the mother of a friend of mine has an "art" day. I pack up the kids and we spend the day painting, drawing, doing crafts, eating, running around outside. We just play. How often do we give ourselves time to do this sort of thing? For me, really only this one time a year. I leave her house replenished with lost creativity and inspiried to create better things.


Though these experiences, I find myself thinking more creatively and dynamically, coming up with some pretty cool creative marketing strategies (which is helping my clients make money!)


What inspires you?