Learn how to generate leads from your website.

Don’t fret! Generating leads is fun. As a marketer you may struggle to find the right way to generate leads, but all it takes is a look at who your customers are, what they might like, and how can you deliver that to them?

Generating leads is like a value exchange between you and your customers. As freelance creatives, it is your duty to get to know your customer so that you can earn your way into their email box, and telephone. Think about what you would trade in exchange for your email information? Now think about what your customer would consider a valuable trade for their email information. Once you figure out the customer’s perspective, you will know exactly how to generate more leads faster than ever before as a freelance creative.

You should also know that your customers will give you every kind of information that you ask for as long as the exchange is valuable to them. Think about it this way, would you give out all your personal information in exchange for a new car? You probably would, and everyone thinks the same way. Data has value, so you need to find out what has enough value to create a positive experience for a person giving their email address to you. This item should be less expensive than the lifetime value of the customer, but valuable enough for the amount of information you will need.

Some good examples that have been used by freelance creatives in the past are small toys, e-books, jewelry, or any other item that would qualify your customer as someone who would be interested in your services. As a freelance creative, the worse item you can offer in exchange for lead information is something generic like an iPad. For example, if someone is selling Tennis supplies, and offers an iPad as a giveaway for personal information, then many people who don’t like tennis will try to take the iPad, but provide little value to the sales funnel. Let’s take a new approach. If you offer the same people, free tennis racket adjustments and string, then you would attract people who enjoy Tennis, and they are also prime leads for your Tennis supply business.