Key Takeaways from Inbound13!

The high of attending this amazing event, Inbound 13, put on by HubSpot is over. The entire event was a buzz with tons of energy and great people. What a fabulous event. If you were here, you know how awesome it was! Roughly 5500 people gathered to talk about inbound marketing, share ideas, love, knowledge, etc. I can't believe how much the event has grown! I was at Inbound 12 and there were roughly 3300 inbound marketing professionals here. It was crazy packed this year! Here’s a recap of my experience at this event.

The Good:

The keynotes were FANTASTIC! Let's touch on a couple.
Seth Godin? Are you kidding me. He blew it out of the water. He's such a brilliant mind, even if you are not a marketer, you couldn't walk away not getting something out of his talk. Hopefully HubSpot will post the video of his keynote soon, it was very inspiring. I, personally, want to watch it again.

Scott Harrison from Charity Water's keynote was also incredibly inspiring. His story is amazing and what he is doing for the people on this planet is incredible. Not only that, he's using technology to take it one step further - you can actually SEE where your dollars go. His model of having 100% of all dollars donated going STRAIGHT to the cause is really cool.

Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, the CEO and CTO of HubSpot were wonderful too. They announced the new COS. You know, we are TOTALLY thrilled about this. You can read more about it here.

So Many Breakout Sessions.
So many options! There were so many options for talks. Even if you're an experienced inbound marketer, it was impossible to NOT get something out of this event. There were keynotes designed to inspire, bold talks designed to be in your face. These were my personal favorite. They were meant to educated, challenge and impress you. There were big idea talks. These were great too as they really got you thinking. There were the talks put on by the HubSpot product geniuses so that you can get a deeper dive or get introduced to the software. There were sessions about inbound stories, sessions put on by inbound experts. Learning was everywhere. You could also get a test drive on the HubSpot system. All really, really great stuff.

Club Inbound
HubSpot did a really good job with creating a universal meeting place this year. It was called "Club Inbound". There were vendors there, places to ask HubSpot experts about the software and even a shop where you could buy the books of the presenters along with HubSpot gear. This spot was also set up to watch the keynotes via telecast. There were comfy couches here at Inbound13. This was one of my favorite spots at the conference. It was a great place to sit and have a chat and get inspired at the same time.

Happy Hour, Parties, One Republic
The party side of things was very good too. Having happy hour at club inbound was great as it was a nice relaxing place to have a chat with friends, colleagues, customers, potential customers, etc. The parties were fun. It's always nice to let your hair down with like minded people, right? The concert was good (although I'm not a huge fan of the music). It was a good time.


The Bad:

This venue was not big enough to handle this crowd. There were long lines to get into sessions and in some cases there were so many people trying to get into a session it got full and you were turned away. HubSpot did a good job by trying to offer "encore" sessions so that you could see it the next day if you didn't get in. The execs announced that Inbound14 would be at another venue that can handle more people, which will be needed next year.

Little to no food!
Yeah, the food wasn't great at Inbound12, but at least they had something for us to eat. This year they did had snack packs (cheese, tuna, crackers) and some crackers at happy hour, but really, that's not enough. They gave us :30 between sessions and to get down to the mall, eat and come back wasn't really enough time. 2 days I missed the session right after lunch because I had to eat.

So many sessions.
There was so much to choose from, it was impossible to see every session you were interested in. I'm glad there was so much to choose from, but I am hoping they recorded the sessions that I hoped to see so that I can view them at a later date

The Wonderful

It was a great time and I am so glad I came. I have so much new knowledge and inspiration to bring back to my clients and colleagues!  It was a great experience and I look forward to Inbound14! If you like to be inspired and are interested in taking your business to new levels by using the inbound marketing methodology, I HIGHLY recommend coming to Inbound 14. Inbound12 and Inbound13 were amazing, I can't imagine Inbound14 being anything less than epic!