Inbound vs. Interruption Marketing

For a few years now, the face of marketing on the internet has been due for a major change. Intrusive pop-up advertising have become less common, but they’ve merely been replaced by commercials which automatically play before your intended video content. Internet users tend to respond alternate advertising methods much better, so any start-up company should favor inbound marketing styles over interruption methods if they would like to grow their audience and brand organically. While they are more cost effective they will take some increased effort to generate authentic interest.

The Problem With Interruption Marketing

Interruption Marketing can come in many forms, but all of them are intrusive. As a user clicks around, an ad appears when they did not intend to see one. This inhibits their quest for information or content, so this relationship begins with as an adversarial one. Less than 10% of all clicks made on the internet are a result of Interruption Marketing, as these methods can skew viewers towards apathy or even displeasure. This type of marketing is still everywhere in the world and it seems like their primary tactic is to beat audiences into submission. Not the best tactic in this internet age, when customers are savvier than ever.

Where Inbound Marketing Benefits All

Inbound Marketing is much more organic. This happens when readers are naturally interested in a subject or topic, and share information on social media outlets or blogs. Companies have made themselves more visible online and users have responded positively to great content. Everyone has learned that as long as the material is genuinely interesting or enjoyable, people will be happy to share regardless of origin.

This benefits the companies as turnover on this type of marketing is highest when readers are genuinely interested in the product or information. Momentum can snowball, allowing for spread to occur by the customers themselves long after the initial marketing expenses have come about. By utilizing Inbound Marketing tactics, businesses can make themselves transparent as well allowing for their relationship with these audiences to grow naturally.

Where Marketing Is Going

The success that Inbound Marketing has seen in recent times shows that it is here to stay. As these tactics become more favored by all, we will see the audience play an even bigger part in marketing in the future. This direction favors the distribution of quality content instead of the brute force of Interruption Marketing. At the end of the day, audiences are always going to pursue the information they desire. When Inbound Marketing tactics are embraced, it allows marketers to work together with their target audience to form more of a partnership. These types of relationships allow for longevity, and trust for all parties involved.