How to stay connected and NOT get sucked into the Facebook cavern.

I admit it, I'm a story junkie. I love to hear what's what with people. I love to know what's going on with them and I like to follow memes and all the cool things going on in the interwebz. To me, its fun and interesting. There's a big problem with spending so much time doing these things, though. It decreases my productivity. I can easily get sucked in and before I know it, I've lost a ton of time. Who hasn't done this, really? Here are some methods that I use to stay in touch, but not get sucked in.

I open my Facebook business page but NOT my personal page.
If I stay in my FB business page, I'm less likely to get sucked down the rabbit hole of what everyone enjoyed about the Oscars last night. It works.

Hit Hootsuite for about 10 minutes, a few times a day.
I'll get on hootsuite to check twitter, but I give myself a time limit.

Basically, if you structure your time so that you can get plugged in and not sucked in, it can be a big win for your productivity!