How to get inbound leads from your website.


Marketing on the web today is a unique challenge that many business owners struggle with. Inbound marketing is one of the most significant elements of having a web presence.Hubspot reported that 92.34% of companies that engage in inbound marketing increase their web traffic. If you are not sure how to attract inbound marketing leads to your web site, there are several best practices to consider to improve your page’s ability to bring in prospects.

Targeted Content

Think about the profile of your ideal customer and then consider what kind of content they may be interested in reading to help them with challenges that they are facing. For example, if you are going after business decision makers in a specific field, think about common challenges that executives in that field face and how you may be able to help them overcome these issues. The more engaging your content is, the more likely it is that prospects will stay on your web site and get more information about what your company does.

Strong Calls To Action

A call to action, sometimes abbreviated as a CTA, is one of the most important elements of inbound marketing for any organization. At the Content Marketing Institute, Pawan Deshpande writes that four important elements of CTAs are:

  •  Having a defined goal of what you would like to gain from a user following through on your CTA
  •  Align your CTA with where most of your prospects are in the sales cycle
  •  Keep the CTA short and to the point so that prospects are not confused
  •  Place it in the right part of your web site

With the proper Call To Action, prospects that read your site will understand exactly what inbound marketing leads need to do in order to find out more information or test out your product.

An Organized Interface Design

While having a strong visual presence on your page is important, it should not distract from your business goals. Too many pictures, videos, or a cluttered GUI can detract from your inbound marketing goals. You should also ensure that your text is not lengthy or confusing and concisely states the benefits of your products or services.

Inbound marketing is a complicated issue. These few points are just some of the considerations to make for improving inbound marketing leads. Your campaign should be tailored around your particular company’s strengths and needs.