How a "local business" went 100% online -- and their sales exploded!

I read this article the other day on a business,, closed their local shop and went 100% online. Their business is BOOMING! Their reach is further, their sales are off the charts and their ROI has never been better! 

Basically a local bakery was doing okay running a storefront, but they knew there was a better way. So they decided to take daily orders for personalized cakes and baked good and ship them overnight throughout the U.S.

So they set up a website, but they quickly discovered that just setting it up wouldn't do the trick. They needed to learn about search engines and social media to attract customers.

They did just that, they've learned how to choose keywords and pay per click. They have engaged a company that provides social media and seo services to handle their online services.

They now have sales in 30 countries and their profits per cake have more than DOUBLED since they have chosen to sell online only.

If you ask me, this is amazing! This is a business that is traditionally seen as local. Now they have improved their business just by investing in SEO and social media -- basically investing in an inbound marketing consultant.