Giving thanks for a "bad" economy and the inbound marketing business!

We all have so much to be grateful for here in
America and with the fast approaching Thanksgiving holiday, I want to give thanks -- mainly for the "bad" economy. Here's why...

Without the "bad" economy, I wouldn't have lost my job and began freelancing in 2009. It stung to lose a job, but it was a blessing in disguise. I have had way more freedom, didn't have to give up my love for web design, development and marketing and have done better financially. Who knows if I would have taken the leap without the loss, but I'm glad that the loss gave me the push to freelance. Its been awesome!


The "bad" economy has forced business owners to get lean and mean. At least that has been my experience. Because business owners are getting leaner and meaner, they are spending their dollars wisely. They are looking for opportunities in marketing that have a proven ROI. Hubspot and inbound marketing do this very well and I am thrilled to provide clients their marketing money's worth!


There is much talent actively collaborating in this "bad" economy. Its thrilling that there are so many talented illustrator, designers, writers and developers that are now doing just what I have done and are either freelancing or starting their own businesses. Due to the "bad economy" they have lost their jobs but ARE finding work. More interesting and fuffiling work. Its awesome!


How has the "bad" economy been great for you?

Please share your thoughts below!


(photo credit, creative commons, J Benson IBM4831)