Freelance Designers: Make Your Website A Marketing Engine


Many freelance designers out there may already have their own websites; if not, you're already behind! Looking for work can be taxing at times. There are countless websites to look for work. You may have some connections but it's beyond time to update those. So, you have your website. Creating a website to assist in finding work could also bring in more than just clients. It's imperative to know the basics about your brand in order to support a great looking website, because this is a representation of yourself in the crowded waters of the internet.

Your website, and eventually, your marketing engine needs a face. Let's face it, you may be great in Photoshop but it's all about you and your brand. Creating a top notch logo is step one. No one will trust in your hard work if you don't have hard work in your representation. With this and your talents as a creative freelance designer, you can begin to affiliate you and your website with other freelance designers. A website is a portal into your entire game. Linking yourself up with other websites and friends is beneficial to all parties. The site can not be a blown up interpretation of what you do, it's got to be engaging. In doing this, you will have to utilize the many money making ad spots that are available, but smartly. Engage your potential leads with this beautiful site, a few ads to pay the cost (and make extra income) and a customer relationship manager. With an automated service like a CRM, you are just about in business.

This helps to automate any leads to clients. When someone contacts you or engages with your product, a CRM helps to land the lead, turn into a loyal working relationship, and hopefully spawn new relationships. A CRM can help with emails and so much more to keep a handle of all your new business. Engaging web content can help boost Google search results, linking with your friends in the freelance world and monetizing your site lands you on the right track to a successfully running marketing engine.