Freelance designers, do google adwords work for you?

With dedicated effort and some patience, one freelance creative is now earning between $16 million and $20 million a year from his freelance work just because he invests in Google Adwords. Gabriel Shaoolian, a freelance web designer, started freelancing in 2001. He also started using Google Adwords around the same time. By 2006, Gabriel had formed his own company - Blue Fountain Media - and six years later (in 2012), he was already employing 160 people around the globe.

Google Adwords is a great internet marketing tool if you want to gain traffic through targeted clicks. Since it costs money, the decision to use Adwords may sound risky. However, it also comes with guaranteed business traffic.

For freelance creatives, Google Adwords offers an assured way of gaining immediate traffic and a PPC program with local, national, and international distribution. You’ll be required to pay just a small amount to create an Adwords account and thereafter bid on selected keywords. The payment is billed after very click; meaning that if there is no click then no amount will be billed.

Google Adwords best practices

However, to be successful with Adwords, freelance creatives need to think outside the box. You need to start thinking like a CEO. Think of how you can add value to your services to make them more attractive. Think about why clients should choose you over your competitors. Here are 5 best practices to add spark to your Adwords campaign;

  • Know your keywords – your keywords are the lifeblood to your campaigns. Make sure you’re putting enough effort in building your keyword list.
  • Know your negative keywords – just as important as your positive keyword list is the negative keyword list. If you don’t have one yet, this is the time to create the list.
  • Create editorial groups – editorial groups allow you to be more specific. You’ll have more refined keywords which make it easier to reach your target customers.
  • Vary your ads – consider writing several variations of the same ad and test them to see which one works best.
  • Research – it is very important to measure your performance and evaluate your success. Are you hitting your targets? And if so, how fast?

In summary, Google Adwords is a must use for freelance creatives. After all, Adwords campaigns are easy to run and the potential ROI is very high!