Email marketing can really help your local business! Here's how...

Lets say you own a local business. Most of your customers are in your town. Here are some tips on how you can use email marketing to connect with your local customers:



1. Send an email campaign to give your customers some good tips or information about your business or your field. You don't want to send out an email that's all about your busi

ness, but customers love to get useful information from people that they know and trust. An email marketing campaign is a great way to give that information and build that trust!


2. Send an email campaign that highlights some of your new or exciting offerings. A great way to get the word out that you are offering something new and exciting is through an email campaign. Don't you want to know when your favorite store is having a sale or restaurant has a new item on the menu? People want to get that information about your business too!


3. Offer deals to customers who are on your email marketing campaign list. Reward these customers for staying in touch. They will love that you are offering them something special and they will buy from you again and again!


Sending offers and developing relationships through communication is a great way to build and retain business!


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