Design-Build Contractors- 5 tips on how to use Pinterest to generate leads.

With 70 million users worldwide, Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media sites. In the United States alone, 20 percent of women who use the Internet are on Pinterest.

You'd think that with these statistics, businesses would aggressively use Pinterest for marketing purposes especially since the site is only four years old, but that's not the case. Nevertheless, businesses -- particularly residential design-build firms -- stand to gain a lot if they use Pinterest's features to their advantage. Residential building is a highly visual industry, after all, so the use of Pinterest for design-build contractors to generate leads should not be a far reach. This goes perfectly well with Pinterest, which is in itself a highly visual platform.

Then, there's the fact that one of the most popular boards on Pinterest is focused on 'Home.' Under this category, many pictures of are pinned and repinned by users who are looking for advice on what to buy. Given that the average Pinterest user has an income of more than $100,000, these people can afford to make big purchases.


The idea of using Pinterest for design-build contractors to generate leads should come naturally at this point, but just in case, these steps will quickly help you learn how to maximize the site's potential:

  • Set up a business account: You can make either a personal or business account on Pinterest. To make an account for your firm, make sure to choose the 'business' option in the drop-down menu found in the upper left-hand corner. Pinterest will provide instructions for the rest of the steps.
  • Create relevant boards: Next, set up boards with topics related to home decorating, interior design, remodeling, architecture, etc. Under each board, share great photos that you think people would want to see and share. Remember to share not only your own designs, but anything that's interesting. Boards are not strictly for promoting your firm; they exist for sharing inspiration.
  • Share your portfolio: Of course, self-promotion is okay as long as it's done in moderation. After you've created several boards, make one for your own portfolio. Feel free to pin your best works for all people to see. Share photos, video testimonials, and even video tours. If you consistently post great content -- whether your own or others' -- then you'll attract followers after some time.
  • Touch on related topics: Expand your topics to cover those beyond homebuilding. Think of design tips and general home improvement suggestions. Indirect topics, as long as they're related to your business, will attract more people. The idea of using Pinterest is to reach as many people as possible who can become future customers, even if they're not looking for a design-build firm for now.
  • Put together lists: Pinterest users love lists. For a photo to get shared more, add a list to it, or better yet, create a series of photos which create a list when taken together. Make people get excited for your content by doing a countdown (e.g. start from 10 then go down to 1).
  • Make an infographic: Another kind of shareable content that Pinterest users love is an infographic. You don't need to be a graphic artist with access to expensive software to create interesting infographics. You can use free sites with ready-made templates such as, and Piktochart to make fun infographics. For the content itself, you can cite publicly available studies to support data.

The idea of Pinterest for design-build contractors to generate leads should not intimidate you, not when you have all those steps to guide you. Happy pinning!