Can a new website announcement email bring opportunity? learn here!

As the world is constantly changing, focusing on new opportunities online is key when operating a small business. Every place you turn, every click of a mouse, you see with consumerism it’s “out with the old and in with the new.” With new ideas and products, your business practices must also stay current in the ever evolving landscape. If you plan to market your business successfully, posting a new website announcement email as your company grows will provide you with new opportunities. Just look... 

Borden nailed it when presenting the “marketing mix,” where we focus on price, product,promotion, and place.  And that’s been effectively used up until recently, when peoplewere added to the mix. The thing is, now, people are on the internet. A lot of people are on the internet. Every day, every demographic, every dollar, people come to the internet to spend money. When you take your business to the internet your website is available to the consumers who want to see what’s new in the world... You relocated your store. You have the latest vogue Maxi. The newest Apple iPad. State-of-the-art furniture.  (and how to spend their money). 

Hey, maybe it might be you changed the design of your website. People want to know.  Maybe your bookstore now hosts a readers club, your restaurant has a Mariachi Night, your software specialists team just created the next best microchip. You get the point.

An email announcement will excite your customers and lead them back to your site, generating traffic and sales. It piques their interest. They want to see the products and services your business has to offer, what’s new at your company, what might be interesting to them. 

If you want new opportunity, your business practices have to continue to evolve by publishing the latest trends, the newest products, the novel craftsmanships. Send out an email, offer it to the world, and see the opportunity!  

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