5 ways design-build contractors can use email marketing to generate business.

How often do you check your mailbox? Once a day? Once a week? How many times per day do you check your inbox? Social marketing is here to stay, and Mark Brownlow is a U.S. authority since 2001 and the publisher of Email Marketing Reports. Brownlow says email is estimated to exceed 192 billion emails sent per day by 2016. (http://www.radicati.com/)

Email marketing is powerful! Email response click-through rates decreased from 2011 to 2012, but what's important to focus on is whether those emails were business-as-usual (BAU) emails or "triggered emails," generating a call to action or delivering timely information. In 2013, return on investment (ROI) for companies like yours increased 8 percent per email; it's one of the best marketing tools your business can use! What your company needs is a professional strategy that targets email marketing for design-build contractors that will maintain current clients while connecting with potential clients.

Here are some website and email marketing for design-build contractors tips:

  • Individualize and create a sense of urgency in your email subject line.
  • Your email (and every website page for your company) should be short and to-the-point. They are scrolling fast through their inbox, and YOUR email should give them pause. Attention span data indicates that in 2013, only 49% of online readers read -- at most -- more than 111 words in one sitting, and the typical attention-span for videos is 8 SECONDS.
  • Become a brand. That means, become a "name," a company that homeowners or companies needing architectural build/renovation services think of.
  • Develop a long-term email marketing for design-build contractors plan for your company for this year, if you haven't already. The design-build business is moving at the speed of light and by 2015, your company's online presence should be a million miles from here.
  • Use a professional marketing firm to develop and maintain your website. You need to know how many hits your search optimization (keywords) generates every day. You need to retain a professional website manager who can answer that question every
  • "About Me" isn't about you. It's about how you can give your website visitor or email recipient the best service at the best price within the necessary time and why you're better than your competitors. Your potential clients really DO need to know about you, and it's important. Make it another tab or a later paragraph.
  • You earn profits when you sell. You earn money when you build. Tip from Shawn McCadden, remodeling business coach: "E-mailing your proposal is not selling; it makes you an order taker." When you receive an online or email request for a quote, don't respond with email except to say, "Thanks for contacting us and we'll be in touch within hours!" Then get on the phone, because your job is to SELL your company and its services and you need some face-to-face time. You can't really understand the project until you SEE the project.

The days of having your nephew's buddy design your webpage and your office manager serve as your website manager are over. The best investment you can make in 2014 is the one that will grow your business, increase your profits, and give you the edge over your competitors.

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