5 Useful Marketing Takeaways from Inbound 12

Last week I attended the Inbound Conference that was put on by Hubspot. It was all about inbound marketing and the Hubspot product. Hubspot put on a great event with a ton of great marketing information. If you are using inbound marketing for your business, here are 5 takeaways that you can use.


1. Focus on your niche.
Ever heard those words "be every thing to every one"? There's a song out with those words...anyway...the advice that Michael Gass from the Fuel Lines blog gave was to focus in on your niche. Focus in until it hurts! When you focus in tight, you can gain a higher level of expertise and you know what that means...you can charge more for your work. I will go a step further and say that you should have passion for this niche. If you don't, it will show. I don't care how profitable it might be to be the world's expert on sheep shearing, if you don't care about it, you won't become the expert. Your lack of passion will show in your writing.


2. ConTEXT is GOD.
Of course we hear that content is king all of the time, it is important, but what if we shifted this a little? Gary Vaynerchuk spoke about this subject and what he said was that it doesn't matter how good your content is, its not going to be read, shared or discussed if its in the wrong context. Keep writing great content but put it in context and you are golden!

For example, if you are writing about the care of goldfish and you are in a motorcycle forum, no one will care, right? But if you write about the care of goldfish in a fish forum lots of people will care about your words...and I'm sure a forum like this exists. Make sure you content is in context.


3. Care.
Several presenters that spoke talked about this very subject. You must care. You must care about your customers, your employees, your brand. If you don't you will not survive. If you are working in an area that you have no passion for, maybe its time to make some changes? Your customers and clients can tell if you don't care about your work. It shows.


4. Harness the power of Introverts
I don't know if that was the point of Susan Cain's talk, but that is how I saw it. If you really get to know the personality style of members of your team, think of the possibilities of making your team that much stronger! Introverts have so much to give but are so often overpowered by the strong extrovert personalities. Susan gave some great thoughts on how to, as a business owner, create an environment that works for both extro and introverts.


5. Get on Hubspot 3
Seriously, this software is AMAZING. Whether you are creating a new website email announcement, doing keyword research, creating a blog post, adding a new call to action (CTA), creating landing pages for your website, etc. Hubspot 3 pulls all of these things together and puts them in context. The new contact database is pretty nifty as well. You can see the official announcement of features here. It is only a tool and you have to care, do your research and do the work, but Hubspot brings it all together and simplifies the process for you. I can't recommend it more for people who are doing inbound marketing and are using the internet to market their businesses.