4 New Year Inbound Resolutions I'm practicing, maybe you should too.

It’s 2014! A new year, a year of promise for inbound marketing professionals and people who run websites! Awesome, right? The future is full of promise! Google is getting super smart and is totally cutting the spammy fat. This is helping to weed out the "cheaters" and is making the honest, true content that you are delivering stand out. Why? Because it is chock full of real, important information for your field! Google is doing this now — amazing, right? So, here are 5 inbound resolutions that I am making this year for Big Thinkery and you should consider making for your business too. If we do this right, if we commit in 2014 we will reap big rewards in traffic, leads and conversions!

Inbound Marketing Resolution #1: Stop blasting crappy content.
Blasting out content for the sake of it isn't good and we aren't fooling anyone. It’s been shown that 78% of businesses that blog on a daily basis have acquired a customer from it. That is pretty good. Personally, I have not felt good about sourcing half-assed content that I truly don't believe in. No more garbage posts from Big Thinkery.

Writing daily is hard, personally, I will not be able to do that, but I will step it up to 2x a week at a minimum. Be smart about this. You want to continually and consistently put out good content, but that's the kicker. The content should be GOOD. No crap, your search ranking and your reputation depend on it.

Inbound Marketing Resolution #2: Stop wasting so much time worrying about on-page SEO.Again, Google's algorithm has changed over the past few years, so all this obsessing over keywords is no good. I am going to stop worrying so much about the h1 tags, image names, url, title, etc. and start focusing on keywords (used NATURALLY), links and conversions. We should really focus our efforts on, when creating pages, is if the visitor getting what he or she needs here. If not, lets change things up. Google is getting smart to these little gaming tactics and are encouraging us to be real and honest. I like it.

Inbound Marketing Resolution #3: Chill out on the reporting.
Its so easy to get focused in the nuts and bolts and you get caught up worrying about these minute things that have nothing to do with the big picture. Serving my customers well, attracting new clients through this experience has been what I have attempted to do from day 1. Look at what you do well and work on expanding that!
Inbound Marketing Resolution #4: Create some really good offers.
We forget as marketers that everyone doesn't know what we know. I often have a conversation with a client about techniques and I forget that I'm talking to them and it sounds like Greek because I have not explained it. This year I will spend some time creating offers for my clients that do a better job explaining how I'm trying to help them. You can do this too in your business. Think about the things you get asked all the time and start writing these questions down. I bet in a matter of weeks you have an offer!

Finally, I think as an overarching resolution we should all keep it real. Real offers, real content that's really relevant to our audiences. It's going to be a great year for us web professionals! Keep it real!

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