3 Simple Web Design Tips for Inbound Marketers

Inbound marketing and web design really need to work together. Inbound marketers are really good at putting offers together and creating really awesome content that sometimes they can lose sight of what makes a really great site design. A solid site design is important. Without it, a visitor can become confused as to what is important on the page, they will make assumptions about your brand that you may not want and they will most likely leave your site. If you have a solid design and solid content working together on your site, your site will be a great representation of your company and will set you up for success!

With that said, here are 3 simple web design tips inbound marketers can use while putting together their websites.

1. Think about hierarchy of information.
Basically what this means is what do you want your visitor to see first. If you are throwing 4000 things at them and they are basically the same size, shape, and/or color how is your visitor supposed to know what is important? Think about what you want your visitor to find first, second, third, etc. and make that clear.

2. KISS - Keep it Simple Silly.
In this instance, KISS really means keep the bells and whistles to a minimum. Everyone likes bright, shiny objects, but NOT when they get in the way of getting to the information that they are looking for. People aren't coming to your website to see the new javascript technique your web developer has been talking about, unless you are maybe educating people on javascript. Really keep the bright shiny objects in check. Your visitors will thank you for it.

3. Design with your TARGET MARKET in mind.
This is really the most important tip. Basically, what it means is to keep your buyer in mind. For example, you are in the widget building business. Your core buyer is male in his mid 40s. He usually drives a truck and listens to George Strait. Lets say you are contemplating a web redesign. Your wife REALLY loves the color pink. She's really pushing you to use pink throughout your site. Do you do it? NO. Do you really think pink is going to appeal to this market? Really think about who you selling to, not personal preference. You will have much more success if you keep your target market in mind and create your site with your target market in mind.

I hope these tips help you when thinking about a site redesign.

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My name is Lisa Ellington and I have been a web designer and developer for 16 years. I'm the Big Thinker at BigThinkery, a web design, development and inbound marketing company in Concord, NC. Learn more here:www.bigthinkery.com