3 reasons why design does matter in marketing

As you can probably tell from this website, I am a design centered marketer. I do believe with all of my heart and soul that GOOD, EFFECTIVE design is essential to marketing your website and making it a success. Here are 3 reasons why design does matter in marketing

1. How are you going to market something if it can't be found on the page?
Seriously. Hirearchy of information is a term used in design. What it means is lining up your content in a visual manner so the most important thing has the most visual weight, next important thing, and so on and so forth. This doesn't mean that the most important thing is BIGGEST on the page, it means that the page is designed in a way so that the eye travels to that first.

2. Good design builds trust.
Think about it. You need to get your car repaired and you pass by a autorepair shop that's delapadated and falling apart. Next to it is a shiny clean shop that's not over the top but presentable. You don't have a relationship with either shop, which one would you choose?

Good design shows that you care about your product, that you are proud of it, just like the guy who keeps his shop spick and span. Subconsiously this builds trust. If things are broken on your site or hard to find, is your customer going to trust you? Would you buy from you?

3. Good design matters to SEO.
Want to get found on the web? Of course you do, who doesn't?! Good design HELPS SEO. Using clean, crisp code, placing content near the top of the page, nice html tags, css and site structure all help your pages to rank higher and therefore its easier to find your business on a search engine.

I hope now that you are at least entertaining the thought that good design is important to your website's success!

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