3 Questions You Should Ask When Hiring an Internet Marketing Expert

Lets say you are ready to promote your business online! Hooray! You've had a website for years, but it was more of a brochure site. You're ready to have that site bring in business. You've heard buzz words like seo, social media, email marketing but you don't know how to put them all together.

You need an internet marketing expert. If your goal is to minimized advertising dollars and you want people to come to your site, this is called inbound marketing. You should find an inbound marketing agency or inbound marketing expert – like us at Big Thinkery!

There are TONS of companies out there claiming to do this well. I know I can't open my inbox without at least one "SEO expert" begging for my business. In this article I'll help you with a three questions to ask that could qualify a company for you.

1. What do you in terms of internet marketing besides social media and SEO?
Chances are they won't have an answer for you. There are lots of scammy businesses out there claiming that they can put up keywords and get your business on facebook and twitter and magically the business will roll in. There are many other components to getting higher search engine raning and getting noticed on the web. There really isn't a quick fix.

2. What do you think about blogging?
If they don't believe its important, move on. Period.

3. How do you measure ROI?
If they answer something like "you'll get 10,000 visitors to your site!" or "I'll get you 5,000 followers", you want to move on. Traffic won't get you new business. Getting LEADS will get you new business and if people are visiting your site and not converting to leads, you're wasting your money.


Save yourself time and money, do your research and ask the right questions!


Photo by Kitty Terwolbeck