3 Facebook Marketing Tips for Your Business

Facebook is an amazing marketing tool, having over 500 million users! You have to be smart about how you use it to market, though. Here are 3 tips on using Facebook for marketing.


1. Create a business page.
You have to have a personal page first, but to market your business create a page. Create a page here.

2. Promote your page!
How will people know if you don't promote it. Put a link to your page on your website. Promote it by tweeting your new page. Let your friends on Facebook know about your page.

3. Make conversation and create great content!
Think about your Facebook page as a place to have a conversation with your audience. Interact with your fans. Provide great and useful content for them. By doing both of these things, you earn trust. When you earn trust, you earn new business!

A little lagniappe (a Cajun way of saying a little extra)!
Once you get 25 fans, you can greate your own custom URL on Facebook. Why is this great? It allows you to make a vanity address like facebook.com/bigthinkery. This will make it easy for your fans to remember your address. Its easy to do. Once you have the 25 fans, click "edit page then choose your username in the "basic information" section.

Do you have a tip to share? Leave it in the comments below!