10 Reasons to Choose Inbound Marketing Over Traditional Marketing Methods

Inbound marketing is growing in popularity, but some businesses still devote their marketing budgets on traditional media.  If you're one of them, you're missing a great opportunity to grow your business.

These are ten things that make inbound marketing more cost effective than traditional marketing methods.

Larger Audiences
Traditional media audiences are rapidly shrinking, while the online universe has grow to 2 billion people who are spending more and more of their time on their devices.

More Targeted Markets
Traditional ads reach broad audiences that may or may not respond to them.  Inbound marketing only reaches people who have already expressed interest in your products and services.

Lower Costs
Traditional marketers spend a lot to create, produce, and deliver ads.  Inbound marketers do the same for much less, and they only pay for the number of views or clicks their ads receive.

Higher Response Rates
Traditional marketing typically generates a 1-2% response rate.  Because inbound marketing is more targeted, its response rates are closer to 5-6%, lowering the cost per lead by as much as 60%.

More Options
Traditional marketers use TV, radio, print publications, and direct mail to reach their audiences.  Inbound marketers use blogs, websites, social media, display ads, videos, e-books, microsites, and other options.

Greater Engagement
Traditional marketing pushes messages out to consumers, but offers no way for them to respond.  Inbound marketing is much more interactive because it allows consumers to reply to content and share it with others.

Better Measurement
Traditional marketing campaigns are hard to measure because their impact can't be easily gauged with the metrics available. Inbound marketing campaigns use keycodes and other tracking measures that help marketers determine how well their efforts are working.

More Flexibility
Once a print ad or commercial is complete, it can only be changed at huge expense.  Online content, though, can be changed in hours or even minutes at minimal cost, allowing marketers to constantly refine their efforts.

Better Testing and Optimization
The ability to instantly change online content makes it easier to test and optimize.  Marketers can test different elements of their ads, measure the results, and optimize the ads to generate even better results.

Higher ROI
Lower costs and higher response rates result in higher ROI.  This is the ultimate goal of a marketing campaign, and it's the one thing that proves inbound marketing more cost effective than traditional marketing methods.